What Is The Best Tea Infuser Mug On The Market?

Ahh yes, tea bags; the best invention since (and in compliment to) sliced bread. But if you ask most tea aficionados in the UK, they’ll tell you that the only thing tea bags offer is convenient brewing. In truth, bags often contain leaf fannings and dust; not to mention the massive globule of waste you have to deal with after every cup.

For us seasoned tea drinkers (her majesty included), we know that loose leaf tea is far superior to any other type – kind of like the coffee beans of the tea world. It always results in fresher, vibrant and more flavourful tea since the leaves have all the room they need to expand.

So, why would you even need a tea infuser mug in the first place?

Well for one, an infuser mug allows you to have a high quality cup of your favourite liquid elixir (piping hot mind you) at hand anytime, anyplace. You’re obviously not going to carry around pots, pans, strainers and tea bags everywhere you go. Tea infuser mugs not only hasten and simplify the tea making process, they also help keep any mess to a minimum.

Key features and considerations when buying a tea infuser mug

i) Material

Ideally, you want a tea mug with as non-porous and non-toxic an interior as possible. Mugs with porous finishes can absorb and consequently influence the flavour of your tea. As such, it’s better to go for mugs with low porosity level finishes such as the following:

  • Stainless steel – Often used in modern tea ware; great for camping or travelling due to its durable nature.
  • Glass – Increasingly becoming a favourite for UK tea connoisseurs because in addition to being transparent, it’s non porous and won’t affect brew’s flavour.
  • Porcelain and Glazed Ceramic are also non porous

ii) Shape

Believe it or not, the shape of your tea infuser mug will affect your drinking experience heavily. It impacts the way the tea enters your mouth, how the aroma hits your nose and many other aspects. Basically:

  • Tulip shaped infusers concentrate aromas from the steam to your nose – ideal for aromatic tea blends.
  • Wide shallow mugs don’t provide powerful aromas, but they allow for better experience of the tea body, texture, and taste – great for black teas
  • Tall thin tea infusers have the same effect as tulip shapes – more emphasis on aroma all the way through.

iii) Additional features

While all the above features might be personal preference, there’s one area that almost everyone seems to agree on. For the most easeful drinking experience, it’s best to go for a mug with a thinner, slightly curved lip so the tea can sip smoothly in your mouth as opposed to that loud, annoying and struggled sipping.

Best Tea Infuser Mug reviews [UK Market]

1. 350ml Chiswick Tea Co Glass Tea Infuser Mug

Love your morning herbal blend? Or maybe you’re more of a long island ice tea kind of Brit. If this is your style, then you’ll love the glassy finish of the Chiswick tea infuser mug. This brand new 2018 version boasts of a revised design with thicker glass and a larger, 350ml capacity for those who prefer more than two sips.

You’ve really got to give it up to the manufacturer for their clever use of thick, heat resistant Borosilicate glass on the construction. Not only is it non porous, but it also ensure your tea remains hot for as long as possible. Combined with the removable lid and strainer, this is quite the versatile mug. As an added bonus, Chiswick made the mug both microwave and dishwasher safe for both the homey tea aficionado and tea lovers on the go as well.

What I like about it:

  • Right on the low budget sweet spot
  • Made with thicker heat resistant Borosilicate glass
  • Easy to remove lid and strainer

2. IngenuiTEA Loose Tea Infuser Brewer

Where do you turn to when you just can’t find the right mug to match your top of the line tea? After all, the last thing you want to do is ruin some primo leaves with amateur brewing. If you’re up for it, there’s a reason why any tea afficianado worth his or her salt only trusts the IngenuiTEA Brewer. Sure, the smooth, suave look is enough to grab everyone’s attention and make them want a sip, but that’s just the tip of the ice(d tea) berg.

This beautifully designed brewer boasts of BPA Free plastic construction that not only keeps your drink at optimum temperature, but also makes this the ideal travelling companion. True tea addicts will also appreciate the large 450 ml capacity that really lets the leaves spread and release more flavours. When you really need a healthy dose of caffeine, what better way to get it than by the litres? This beauty from Adagio Teas is also dishwasher safe so there’s no hassle cleaning it. The lid may not be removable, but it’s levered right above the handle for natural opening action.

What I like about it:

  • Best tasting cup of loose tea in the UK
  • Massive 450ml tea capacity
  • Hardy construction ideal for camping

3. BODUM YO-YO Glass Mug

Someone say budget friendly? Not to worry, we always make sure that we include something for everyone on our list. While a high end tea infuser mug makes the entire drinking experience better, one manufacturer has found a way to strike a balance between quality and price. If you’re just looking for a low cost, replaceable mug to enjoy your tea wherever you are, how about the BODUM YO-YO Glass Mug?

From the look of it alone, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the infuser was priced under 10. The double walled design, use of Borosilicate glass and one heck of an aesthetic design make the Yo –Yo a steal for the price. Like all the others, the infuser mug works with any type of loose leaf tea you have and even comes with a lid to keep the tea warm. And when you’re drinking, the lid serves as a trivet to prevent any dripping.

What I like about it:

  • Best budget friendly tea infuser
  • Simple, aesthetic design
  • Lid that also doubles as trivet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a tea infuser travel mug?

Heat water to the right temperature for the kind of tea you are making. Add the water to the tea infuser mug. Add tea bags or loose leaf tea to the strainer basket and put it in the mug. Let it steep for a few minutes, then remove the strainer and enjoy your tea.

With some tea infuser mugs, you can leave the strainer in as you sip your tea.

Other mugs like the IngenuiTEA Loose Tea infuser have a clever mechanism that opens a valve at the bottom of the mag. This allows you to pour strained tea directly into another mug.

Can a tea infuser travel mug go into a dishwasher?

Yes, most tea infuser travel mugs are dishwasher safe, but check the cleaning instructions for the mug just to be sure.

If you are concerned about the mug cracking, just hand wash it.

Where to buy a tea infuser travel mug?

You can’t get beat Amazon when it comes to the variety of tea infuser travel mugs they sell. If you are looking for a particularly unique tea infuser mug, you best bet is Amazon UK.

Most supermarkets and stores also sell tea infuser travel mugs. If there’s a specialty tea shop near you, they are also likely to have some teaware, including infuser mugs.

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