Can You Roast Coffee Beans In A Popcorn Maker?

If you’re a hardcore coffee enthusiast, more than likely you’ve entertained the idea of roasting your own coffee beans at least one time or another.

Just think about it: Instead of paying far too much money at the local coffee shop or buying beans that have been roasted according to someone else’s specifications, what would happen if you took roasting into your own hands?

Of course, for some people this might sound a little intimidating, especially if you’re not exactly sure how to start, or what equipment you would need to use.

Believe it or not, roasting your own coffee beans at home isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it can save you tons of time and money over the long haul. Plus, you get the satisfaction of involving yourself in one of the most critical phases of the coffee making process.

So what exactly is the best way to roast your own coffee beans at home? Well, there are several different methods out there, and various home roasting appliances you could use to make it happen. Believe it or not, one of the most popular methods for at-home coffee roasting is using a popcorn maker.

“Wait a minute – can you roast coffee beans in a popcorn maker?”

Absolutely! In fact, a popcorn maker is one of the most inexpensive and accessible ways to roast coffee beans at home. Not only that, but this handy piece of equipment gives you the ability to “fine-tune” your roasting specifications so that you can have more control over the quality of the finished product.

Below are some tried-and-true tips to help you roast coffee beans in a popcorn maker without a hitch.

  • Generally speaking, the older the popcorn maker is, the better. Nearly all “popcorn maker roasters” agree on this axiom. The old-school popcorn makers typically have a stronger power output, not to mention stronger fans. In addition, their motors are powered by higher wattage amounts, and their thermostats typically have a better range as well.
  • Hot air popcorn poppers are the undisputed heavyweight champions of coffee bean roasting. One of the key features of these popcorn makers are their side vents, which allow the coffee beans to rotate freely as they roast. There is one caveat, however: Make sure that the hot air popper you’re considering has a flat, smooth bottom with no holes or mesh, as this could cause a safety hazard.
  • You would be wise to take your roasting outdoors, as it’s gonna get more than a little smoky in the roasting area. The most ideal place would be outside of the home, but with convenient access to an external power outlet.
  • Roasting your coffee beans in a popcorn maker is going to require vigilant attention. If you leave your popper unattended while roasting, you might end up with a messy situation on your hands.
  • If you’re new to roasting in a popcorn maker, start off with a smaller batch of beans so that you can master the basics before moving to larger quantities. As you get accustomed to the roasting process – as well as to the quirks and nuances of working with the popcorn maker – you will gain the confidence needed for more demanding roasting jobs.
  • There are dozens of excellent tutorial videos on YouTube that explain how to roast coffee beans in a popcorn maker, but one of the best ones I could find is this one by Sweet Maria’s Coffee.

Your popcorn popper isn’t just useful for movie night – it can be your go-to appliance for roasting coffee as well! Keep the above tips in mind to begin roasting coffee beans for your favourite latte with your popcorn maker like a pro!

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