Coffee Puns: Why We Absolutely Love Our Coffee

People who love their coffee really “LOVE” their coffee. Whether sipping a cup of joe with coworkers at lunch or reaching for that pot of coffee after crawling out of bed, many people can not imagine their day without first having set aside time for their favourite beverage.

As much as these people appreciate a good coffee, they love a good coffee pun almost as much because it gives them a chance to “espresso” themselves to the rest of the world.

If you love your coffee, you will definitely be able to relate. So without further ado, here is a thick and rich list of the top coffee puns and coffee jokes every caffeine laced drinker can raise a mug to.

  1. I always do my best thinking over a cup of coffee. I usually have a latte on my mind!
  2. You spilled the entire pot of coffee? What is Sumatra with you?
  3. The absolute worst criminal is the one who mugs someone’s coffee.
  4. He drank so much coffee while at work that the boss considered it part of his daily grind.
  5. Italians make the best coffee because they are experts at being able to fully espresso themselves.
  6. We just purchased a new 12 cup programmable coffee machine for the office. It really has quite a lot of perks.
  7. A lady spilled her coffee on the shirt of a man sitting next to her on the train. He responded to her by showing her dis-stain!
  8. You might want to see your physician when you feel depresso because you didn’t have your morning coffee.
  9. Never discuss your taste in coffee around sensitive company. It could lead to heated and strong debates.
  10. This hipster burnt her tongue because she sipped her coffee before it was cool.
  11. If you talk to her before she had a chance to have her morning espresso, she might lose her tamper.
  12. This guy will take whatever beans possible to get his daily cup of piping hot coffee.
  13. He was very hesitant to try the new caramel flavour coffee, but he gave it a shot anyway.
  14. If you are caught stealing somebody’s coffee you can be charged with mugging.
  15. They make fun of her for using old coffee, she insists that it has the greatest sedimental value to her.
  16. Drinking too much coffee everyday can lead to a latte of problems.
  17. That coffee really tasted like mud. That’s because it was ground a few minutes earlier.
  18. The reason that snakes will never drink a cup of coffee is because it makes them very viper-active.
  19. What did the girl say when her coffee arrived to her table cold? Cool beans!
  20. Does the coffee shop have grounds to be operating in the black?
  21. Selling coffee to people definitely has its perks for those that have bean lucky.
  22. When she spilled some coffee on his neck it was understandable why he was hot under the collar.
  23. The concession stand in the circus claims the coffee is the best. They are heard proclaiming it is the “Greatest Joe on Earth!”
  24. If you spend too much time drinking coffee in the morning you could be latte for work again.
  25. I like the discussions at work just like my coffee, strong and hot.
  26. I tend to stay focused by taking life one cup of coffee at a time.
  27. When I got to the break room at work I had that Deja-Brew feeling again.
  28. The best men are like coffee, rich, hot, and keep me up all night long!
  29. The cow who just gave birth reminds me of the way I like coffee, de-calf-inated.
  30. A bad cup of coffee can be considered grounds for divorce.
  31. The one thing in common between coffee, men, and chocolate is they are all much better rich.
  32. I wonder who charges more per cup, Victoria’s Secret or Starbucks?
  33. Whenever the waitress serves a cold cup of coffee it makes her customers boiling mad.
  34. You might want to lighten up on the coffee if you can type 60 words per minute using your feet.
  35. She loved coffee so much that she named all her children Joe.
  36. It might be time to switch to decaffeinated coffee if you walk ten miles on the treadmill before plugging it in.
  37. My morning cup of coffee is so strong it wakes up my neighbours.
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