13 Funny Morning Coffee Quotes For Everyone

Whether you crave an espresso, a latte, or a French press, if you love coffee, then chances are pretty good that you have an eternal burning love for your coffee. This is the kind of love that can not be replaced, and every coffee drinker remembers their first cup! Once you fall for coffee, there is no turning back!

1. With enough coffee, nothing is impossible

Time is simply running out. The deadline is fast approaching. Even though you have utilised just about every resource at your disposal, remember these six simple words!

funny coffee quotes

2. Life begins after coffee

Nothing else really matters this morning. The day starts as a blur. Even though there appears to be a huge mountain in front of you today you can take solace knowing one thing.

morning coffee quote

3. Depresso

How hard is it really to keep a pot of coffee at the ready. One or two back-up pots is not being excessive at all. Just imagine the consequences of reaching for that empty pot of coffee when a real emergency strikes.

morning coffee quotes

4. Some thinking + some coffee = some great ideas

Growing up most kids hated math in school. Regardless how you feel about arithmetic, the following equation can help you become successful at any stage in your career.

coffee quote

5. Don’t settle for someone who only buys you coffee

Forget all that dating advice that you have been given by family and friends. Remember one thing before considering anyone marriage material!

funny coffee quote

6. Procaffeinating

I am not a procrastinator by nature. In fact, I only really need a little kick after rolling out of bed to easily get through my day.

coffee quotes

7. Of course size matters

Everything today is so much better when it is super-sized. Why settle for that unfulfilled feeling of having something tiny? It really is true what they say about size!

coffee quotes funny

8. Let me drink my coffee and no one will get hurt

We have all had this type of start to our day. Stop telling me to put down the banana, this is a serious emergency that we have on our hands.

coffee quote funny

9. Love is in the air and it smells like coffee

Your stomach has butterflies, your heart starts racing, you are walking on air, feelings of anticipation are giving you the chills. There’s no other feeling like this is the world. It really is love at first sight!

funny morning coffee quote

10. I like my coffee how I like myself

Now I’m not saying that I am conceited or anything like that. It just happens to be that my coffee understands me more than most people I have dated in my life.

quotes about coffee

11. There is always time for coffee

It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule, how time is running out on a project, or if you are being pulled in twelve directions at the same time. There is always one constant in the universe!

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12. Coffee is behind every successful person

I think after all this time I have finally uncovered the real secret to success in life. Forget education, training, hard work, and on the job experience. There is only one truth about reaching the top.

funny morning coffee quotes

13. Life is too short for bad coffee

You only get so many trips around the sun, you have to make the best of every year. Every single day above ground needs to be considered a huge positive. So on that note…

thoughtful quote

Coffee drinkers can instantly relate to these silly morning coffee quotes because they are all in fact absolutely true. The deep emotional bond between a person and their morning coffee should never be underestimated.

With one cup of hot coffee in one hand, and another cup of piping hot coffee in the other, a person can take on the world, as soon as they are done with their coffee of course.


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