Home Coffee Roasting: How Can You Roast Coffee Beans?

Being a coffee aficionado, I have always tried to control the process of coffee making on my own. While a lot of busy working bees prefer to get pre-made coffee grinds from the market and make instant coffee with them, I have always enjoyed taking a little more time and making an extra effort to make the perfect coffee to start my days with!

If you are very particular about the taste of your coffee, you will usually have a hard time figuring out a place where you could get the perfectly roasted coffee beans that can give the same flavours all the time.

Sometimes, I had bought some beans from reputed coffee companies, only to find that they had given me a bad batch. Even the taste and flavours of the beans do not stay consistent.

I decided to roast coffee beans on my own so that I can get the right flavour every time. Also, roasting coffee beans on your own can help you to create unique tasting coffee which suits your personal tastes the best! Even though I drink coffee everyday I do not always find myself in the mood for the same type of flavour.

If you pay close attention while drinking coffee, you will find that the flavours of the drink depend on the amount of oils that get released from the coffee grind. Also, these oils create different flavours depending on the method of roasting. If you like strong coffee, roasting beans for a long time is mandatory. High roasted coffee beans won’t be a good option for light brews.

For example, if you want the perfect cold brew, you should use lightly roasted coffee beans so that they give a very subtle flavour to the drink instead of strengthening the taste. By roasting coffee beans on my own, I can create perfect coffee recipes that all my friends and family members love having.

Where can you get unroasted coffee beans?

Unroasted coffee beans are green in colour, and once you roast them they will turn yellow and then brown. If you are in the UK, you can get unroasted coffee beans from Coffee bean shop and other websites which sell coffee.

How to roast coffee beans?

There are some basic methods you can use at home to roast your coffee beans. You can obviously save up some money and buy a coffee bean roaster. This tool is quite expensive, but is worth the investment. It is also easy to use and you can roast your coffee beans in a matter of minutes! You can see some videos on youtube which show how you can use coffee bean roaster.

Using inexpensive method at home

However, it is not necessary that you use a coffee bean roaster to make the perfect coffee grind. I usually use a skillet at home to do the job, and the results always turn out fantastic!

For this process, you can get a skillet or a wok, something that will heat up quickly (some people recommend a popcorn maker!). Also, use a heat diffuser so that the coffee beans do not get burnt. Just use small amount of coffee beans while roasting, and they will last for a week or so.

Working with a smaller batch will also help you to have more control so that the beans do not get burnt. First, heat up the empty work until it is 260C and then put in the beans. Keep stirring them continuously and in a minute they will lose their green colour and turn yellow.

In another five minutes of stirring, the coffee beans will get a light brown colour. At this moment they will crackle and you can take them off the heat.

This is perfect for light brews. You can either stop roasting at this point or continue for another five minutes until the beans crackle again, and you have to stop at this point. You can still continue roasting, but that will produce incredibly strong and bitter coffee.

Using wok at home to roast your coffee is a fairly inexpensive way of getting amazing results! It is actually cheaper to buy green coffee beans. Of course, you will have to work a little extra to roast them, but you can get a unique coffee taste that you would not be able to find easily elsewhere! Also, coffee roasting can be fun and very relaxing. I always get de-stressed roasting my coffee beans, and it does wonders for me overall.

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