Simple And Relatable Coffee Brewing Guides That You’ll Love!

Have you ever looked at an Aeropress, Chemex or V60 dripper and wondered what on earth you do with them to get a good cup of coffee? Perhaps. Coffee connoisseurs use these affordable home brewing methods with ease, experimenting with the grind, water temperature and quantities to enjoy delicious coffee. But what about the rest of us coffee lovers?

Brewing your own coffee can be a minefield for the uninitiated. Although it appears simple to those who are practiced, the sheer quantity of home brewing kit and the processes involved can cause the average Joe to shy away from trying it out. It doesn’t have to be complicated though.

With so many people were seeking information about how to brew coffee at home, it’s clear that some help is needed. There are some great guides available but they’re often quite wordy and complex, ideal for the connoisseur but not quite right for helping a coffee lover take the leap from instant to a much more delicious speciality coffee they’ve brewed themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Now all that can change. Brewing coffee can be as simple as putting together a Lego model!

Take a look at these cute coffee brewing guides:

Everything you need is there in one glance, so picking up an Aeropress, Cafetiere or Stovetop for the first time suddenly doesn’t feel like such a challenge. Of course the guides take their simplicity, and their colourful and fun approach from the style of Lego design, so one thing they couldn’t miss out was some figurines. But what would they look like? Extensive research was carried out in artisan coffee houses and craft beer joints. A lot of pulled pork in brioche buns were consumed 😉

Finally the guides were drawn up including cool coffee drinking figurines. We hope they’ll inspire more people to try brewing their own coffee at home, take their passion for coffee to a new level and delight in what the speciality coffee industry has to offer.


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