What Is The Best Portable Tea Infuser Bottle On The Market?

So, what do you get when you combine a tea thermos with a coffee flask and water bottle? Too much clutter’s what you’re likely to get. Like most of us, you probably just want a piping hot drink on a chilly day and an ice cold drink when the heat wave strikes. Should you thus be doomed to carry around an array of massive flasks and water bottles?

Of course not, it’s the 21st century. If you want to have any type of drink, anyplace, hot or cold, then your best and most versatile bet is a tea infuser bottle. It’s light, portable, and has the ability to maintain internal temperatures for long. Aside from hot, loose leaf tea, these bottles can also make hot cocoa, ice tea, coffee, fruit infused water, and an assortment of other beverages. So whether you’re going for a short walk, hiking, camping, cycling or to the office, it’s your choice what to put in your portable tea infuser bottle.

Key features and considerations when buying a tea infuser bottle

i) Glass vs. Thermos bottles

It can be difficult deciding what kind of material to pick for your beloved tea tumbler. While each type has its own merits and concerns, the both share some similarities. For instance, both glass and thermos bottles with infuser are non toxic and without BPA chemicals usually found in plastic bottles.

  • Tea Thermos infuser bottles are unrivalled at keeping your beverage either hot or cold for hours due to vacuum insulation. They’re also the most durable and can take a beating without substantial damage.
  • Glass Tea infuser bottles on the other hand are the most stunning flasks you’ll ever see. In addition to sleek, elegant aesthetics, the transparent nature of glass lets you see (and show off) what you’re brewing. It’s also easy to wash, but might break, crack, or completely shatter when dropped.

ii) Price

While we all want to save a couple pounds, choose value for your money over cheaply made infuser bottles. Remember; it’s never about spending the least money, but rather getting the most out of your investment.

iii) Design and Practicality

Let’s face it, some tea infuser bottles are just oddly shaped with designs that seriously hamper the practicality. You’ve got handles poking your eye out every time you take a sip and areas that are a total nightmare to clean. To avoid these minor inconveniences, pick out a bottle with a user friendly and practical design.

Best Portable Tea Infuser Bottle reviews [UK Market]

1. Tea Soul Glass Thermos with Bamboo Cover

If you take your tea with a hint of pride and enjoy nothing but the very best in life, then why not get the best portable tea infuser in the UK? The Tea Soul Glass Thermos combines the efficiency of a high end thermos with the aesthetics of a hand crafted bottle to give tea lovers on the go the ultimate experience. The bamboo cover is also practical, comfortable, and gives the glass bottle an elegant, unique appearance.

It’s no surprise that the thermos performs even better than it looks. Thanks to the double glass layer construction, the thermos keeps tea hotter for longer. And since no heat makes it outside, there’s no risk of scalding your hand. It’s also easy to use; all you have to do is take out the lid and filter, get your tea leaves in, add hot water and close her up. Aside form tea, the Tea Soul thermos also works great with coffee, fruity beverages and other cold drinks.

What I like about it:

  • Best portable tea infuser bottle in the UK
  • Solid, durable, and lasting construction
  • Elegant and unique bamboo cover

2. Chai Buddy Glass Tea Infuser

Here’s another tea infuser bottle that’s been spotted in many a UK working citizen’s hands. The reason is really simple; the manufacturer went above and beyond to crate what seems like a well rounded thermos for a budget friendly price. The Chai Buddy Glass Tea Infuser boasts of 3 in 1 functionality with more than enough capacity for 2 average tea cups. In addition to infusing tea, it also infuses coffee or fruit into water, hot or cold.

Like some of the high end models, this bottle also boasts of double walled glass construction to keep your drink either hot or cold for longer. It’s totally up to you to include the removable strainer or not. But it’s the security features that really demand attention. The manufacturer made the lid super watertight so tea lovers can carry the thermos in their pockets, purses, bags and backpacks. But remember to keep all glass vacuum ware products away from kids in case of breaks and cracks.

What I like about it:

  • Budget friendly price range
  • Allows for infusion of powders, herbs and fruits
  • Watertight lid

3. UPSTYLE Tea Infuser Travel Bottle

Looking at the UPSTYLE Tea Infuser Travel Bottle, you simply wouldn’t believe that it’s our budget model. I mean, not only does it have all the other infuser bottles on this list beat in terms of capacity, but it just might be the most beautifully designed thermos yet. The manufacturer really focused on the stylish exterior to turn an ordinary infuser bottle into a true sports travel buddy. Did someone say perfect gift for the tea enthusiast in your life?

The aesthetic exterior encloses a water capacity of 520 ml, making this the big boy option for the demanding tea lover. But unlike the other models here, this one used plastic for the construction. Of course, it’s all food grade, BPA free, new baby standard plastic; so it’s safe for both humans and the environment. The bottle is fully enclosed and utilizes a leakage proof design from top to bottom to keep everything inside. It’s easy to use, light to carry, durable, economic, and holds a superman sized cup of tea – what else could you ask for?

What I like about it:

  • Great value for the money
  • Made from durable food grade materials
  • Aesthetic and shapely design

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use a tea infuser bottle?

  • Add your loose leaf tea, tea bag or fruits to the strainer or filter basket and put it in the bottle.
  • Add hot water to the bottle and close the lid tightly. Be sure to check the specific instructions for your bottle. With some bottles, you add the hot water then put in the strainer with the tea inside.

For hot beverages, it takes just a few minutes for the tea to steep. But you can leave the strainer in the bottle for as long as you want for a stronger flavor. For ice tea and other cold beverages, add hot water then refrigerate the bottle for several hours or overnight.

2. Can you use a tea bag in a tea infuser?

Most portable tea infusers are designed for use with loose leaf tea. But many will fit a tea bag or two in the strainer basket.

3. Where to buy a tea infuser bottle?

Amazon UK has a wide variety of tea infuser bottles to choose from. If you’d rather not shop online, many physical supermarkets also sell tea infusers, though they are likely to have fewer varieties.


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