How To Make Match Tea Without A Whisk?

We’ve all seen match tea being made, where it arrives beautifully frothy and foamy in your cup… But how to make matcha tea without a whisk, I hear you cry?

Thankfully, this is easier than my might imagine. You may be thinking you can only make this gorgeous tea with the right equipment – but think again!

How To Make Matcha Tea Without A Whisk

how to make matcha tea without a whisk

Matcha tea does really need to be whisked, to get the lovely flavour and texture that we all know and love.

However, it is perfectly possible to make matcha tea without a whisk, whether it’s one of the fancy bamboo ones or your bog standard kitchen whisk!

  • Put it in a jar. All you need to do is take a clean jar, place all your matcha ingredients in it, then shake vigorously until you see that layer of froth.
  • Blend it. A normal household blender will froth up your matcha tea perfectly; simply add all the ingredients, pop the lid on and whizz away!
  • Stick blender. If you do not have a goblet blender but you have one of those handy little devices for whizzing up soup, this is perfect for matcha whisking.
  • Use a milk frother. You know those little hand held devices that make your milk foamy? That’s right – just use one of these in your matcha tea and it will have that characteristic layer of frothy foam.

Although matcha is arguably at its best when prepared using the traditional equipment, you can still get the perfect cup by using one of these other methods.

You don’t HAVE to invest in all the traditional equipment, especially if you are new to matcha drinking and aren’t sure if you will like it or not. Have a go using the above methods!

For those who like a video, here’s one that shows you how to make matcha without a whisk:

Does Matcha Tea Have To Be Whisked?

In order to enjoy this delicious drink properly, it really does need to be whisked. This is because matcha powder doesn’t dissolve in water.

Whisking your matcha helps mix the powder in with the water, so it is basically suspended in it.

If you do not whisk your matcha, chances are you will end up with a slightly clumpy drink, with a thick layer of powder at the bottom of the cup.

A badly made cup of tea can put you off that specific drink forever, which would be a shame because matcha really is delicious – and it’s good for you too.

If you do not have a specialist bamboo whisk, you can still froth up your matcha to make it as perfect as it is when you buy it from a specialist shop.

Shaking it up in a jar, using a coffee frother, or even whisking with a fork are all perfectly good methods for a perfectly good cup of matcha tea.

Can I Whisk Matcha Tea With A Fork?

In the absence of any matcha whisks or kit, and if you do not have a jar to shake it up in, using a fork as a whisk is perfectly acceptable.

You can use your fork in the same way as you would a whisk – to remove the clumps from the powder and make a smooth, yummy drink.

Try not to keep whisking for too long a time with a stainless steel fork, as the compounds in stainless steel can make matcha less effective, however.

What Happens If You Don’t Whisk Matcha?

If you don’t whisk matcha, you can still drink it – but you do have to find a way to get the powder to suspend in the water, so you don’t end up with lumps.

A matcha that has not been whisked in some way – whether that is with a traditional whisk or a more unorthodox way, such as in a jar, will not be a very pleasant drink.

If the powder is not thoroughly mixed into the water or milk, it will be clumpy and an unpleasant texture.

The flavour will also be different – you will experience a “chalky” feeling in your mouth which is not very nice!

Matcha is designed to be frothy and delicious, so if you are unable to whisk it traditionally, then do yourself a favour and whisk it somehow, anyhow!

Trying matcha tea without whisking it somehow is a surefire way to be put off this delicious tea for life.

Once you have tasted the difference of a matcha tea that is made as it should be, you will never again wonder if you can drink it without whisking it!

This article will explain in detail why the whisking process is so vitally important.

Can I Use Metal Spoon With Matcha?

Although it is certainly more convenient to use a spoon to stir your matcha, this might not actually be the best thing for this particular drink.

Some of the health giving compounds in matcha can react to stainless steel, oxidising and thus becoming less potent.

A quick stir with a metal spoon likely won’t do your tea too much harm, but you should definitely avoid leaving the spoon in for long periods of time.

drinking it from a stainless steel cup.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t be drinking your matcha tea from a stainless steel cup, for the above reasons!

Try to stick to materials such as bamboo, ceramic or glass for your morning matcha – you’ll find that you have a better tasting brew with health benefits intact.

As you can see, the proper way to drink matcha tea is to have it frothy and foamy – this not only adds to the deliciousness, but also helps the health benefits of the tea.

Now that you know you can still make this yummy drink without using an expensive whisk, you can get on with preparing it at home to your heart’s content.

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