Elgento Coffee Percolator: Elgento E011/MO 12 Cup Coffee Maker

After several years my trusted coffee percolator finally passed on. I searched online for a proper replacement for my dear, old coffee friend.

I decided on the Elgento coffee percolator, because it had a pleasing shape and appearance and the stainless steel body and filter made me think it would last for many years.

The one I ordered, Eo11/Mo was a good size at 1.8 liter and it looked as if it would hold up to daily use. My new percolator arrived on a Friday and I immediately opened it up and browsed through the manual. It seemed as if it would not prevent any challenges to use.

Elgento Coffee Percolator – the Saturday breakfast trial

elgento coffee maker

Elgento Coffee Maker

The next morning was a Saturday, the neighbour came for a bit of breakfast and we decided to fill it up to the top and give it a proper testing.

I followed the instructions carefully and since a strong cup of coffee in the morning makes for a stronger day, I added an extra scoop. A little green light came on when it started to work and a red light let me know when it was finished percolating.

It was certainly simple enough to use, straight from the box. It was one powerful pot of coffee. Even when fully loaded that extra scoop provided a significant boost. The best cups were actually the last couple.

It seemed the 360 degree base kept the brew nicely warmed. I was certainly proud of Elgento coffee percolator for providing a good first impression on my neighbour. The Breakfast Trial was a success for the new addition to my family.

As with everything, rain and shine

After several months of using the Elgento coffee maker, I can safely say that for the most part, it has done an excellent job of providing a solid performance.

I am a bit of a coffee hound and it is not uncommon to prepare 2 pots during a day. Working from home, my coffee is equally as important as my computer and office supplies. Since my usage is probably a bit more intense than the average customer, I am pleasantly surprised that the new coffee pot has held up without any major difficulties.

The heavy duty stainless steel filter and the body are what makes it last and it also feels nice when you pick it up. I always judge the quality of a product by the fact it is just a little more solidly built and appears heavier than most of the low end appliances.

As for the advantages of using the Elgento percolator, the pros are:

  • It is easy to use and handle.
  • It keeps coffee hot for a very long time.
  • The base is larger and makes the top more balanced to pour from.
  • There is a safety boil dry cut out and overheat protection.
  • It is built solid and the stainless steel is a plus for feeling well built and durable.
  • It provides enough movement in the water to create a smooth tasting coffee flavour.

As for the parts I do not like after using my percolator for the past several months, there were not that many. There are a few areas which could be improved upon, the cons are:

  • It is difficult to scrub clean, it seems to stain a bit more than my old one.
  • Occasionally I get a little bit of drip from steam condensation near the top.
  • The cord seems like it could be built a little bit more durably.

The last word

My last word for describing the overall performance of the Elgento coffee percolator would be consistency. With the way many new appliances are being constructed to last only a short period of time and to break down on a regular basis, my coffee percolator does not fall into that category.

The overall quality of construction makes me think that I will be drinking many sips of smooth, savoury coffee without too many headaches or hassles. When I am ready to have coffee, I expect the same quality every time, and that is what I get from my Elgento.

It is comfortable to pour from and never feels flimsy in my hand. Keeping my coffee warm when I get wrapped up in a project and lose track of time, is a huge plus in my life. Most of all, in a world where I really never know what to expect, most of the time, my Elgento coffee percolator is something I can count on.

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Elgento Coffee Percolator Review
  • Performance
  • Cleaning
  • Noise
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use


After several months of using the Elgento coffee percolator, I can safely say that for the most part, it has done an excellent job of providing a solid performance.


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