What Are The Best Choices In Italian Coffee Machines?

Italians really know how to enjoy their coffee, and they have created a grand selection of wonderful coffee beverages. They have also created the very best coffee making machines on the planet.

With top companies such La Cimbali, Gaggia, Elektra and more producing wonderful, artful, useful machines for commercial and home use, you have plenty of excellent choices when you are ready to invest in a fine piece of coffee making equipment for your home or coffee shop.

The best coffee in the world hails from Italy, so it only stands to reason that if you want to make great Italian style coffees, you should begin with authentic Italian equipment.

Today, as in days past, the best companies for producing high quality coffee makers and espresso machines can be found in Italy. Italian machines are notable because of their traditional styling, classic good looks and excellent construction.

An authentic Italian coffee maker is a great conversation piece, a lifelong investment and an object of art for your kitchen. In this article, we will introduce and describe some of the best Italian coffee makers and espresso machines. Read on to learn more.

The most famous Italian coffee machine brands

I. Gaggia

Coffee machines made by the Milanese company, Gaggia are top of the line. The company has been in business for a century and gets better and better with each passing year. They offer a dazzling array of coffee makers that are a feast for the eyes.

From small, stove-top pots to large commercial machines, each offering from this company proudly displays top quality features. No matter what your coffee making budget, Gaggia is sure to have a coffee maker just for you.

II. La Cimbali

As further evidence that Italians take their coffee making seriously, here is another century-old coffee company. Like Gaggia, La Cimbali is a Milanese company producing top quality espresso machines and coffee makers. Unlike Gaggia, this company has moved forward a bit more with modern technology.

Their focus is more on commercial machines than on household machines, and even though their offerings are rather pricey, businesses that invest in La Cimbali coffee making equipment are sure to earn their investment back in good time. Visit La Cimbali’s website at: www.cimbali.com.

III. Elektra

The Elektra company has been in business since 1947. They produce top quality coffee machines that are absolutely fabulous to look at. The company offers a couple of ranges:

  • Bar Division Machines are designed for commercial use.
  • Casa Division Machines are designed for home use.

If you are opening a coffee house, you could not make a better choice than an Elektra commercial machine. For home use, the compact Nivola W Compact Espresso machine is great looking and a joy to use. With its own milk frothing arm, this machine makes it easy to produce professional quality cappuccino and espresso right in your own kitchen.

Another popular and very well made Elektra machine is the Micro Casa Leva S1. This machine is beautifully designed and engineered and produces some very impressive and powerful espresso.

IV. Lavazza

The Lavazza company originated in Torino. It is a well-established company with strong traditional roots and an eye to the future. In addition to very traditional coffee makers, the company also offers very high quality, inexpensive espresso machines for home use that use standard, ground coffee.

The company also produces espresso machines that use convenient coffee pods. The Lavazza pod model is very convenient because you can load a dozen pods at a time, so you do not have to clear out the pod receptacle after making a cup of coffee.

Lavazza’s exclusive, pod design Modo Mio machine produces authentic Italian espresso quickly and easily. The machine has a 15 bar pressure pump and several frothing attachments. It also boasts steam and hot water capacity. This budget friendly machine requires little or no maintenance.

V. illyItalian

A unique name in Italian coffee machine producers is “illyItalian”. The company’s unusual name is certainly not its only standout feature. This well-established and popular company produces affordable, authentic Italian coffee makers in both traditional and modern designs.

They have the knack of combining the best of past and future to create an intriguing, attractive, superior line of Italian espresso machines.

Most especially, the line created by Francis Francis, Iperespresso, is most impressive. These machines offer steam and hot water facilities and a variety of attachments for frothing milk. Naturally, simpler functions are also included. You can use specially created “illy capsules” to produce a wide range of tasty flavored coffees.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, illy is sure to have a model that suits your tastes. From classic to futuristic, this company offers a range of authentic Italian coffee makers featuring high performance and great looks.

Their machines are created exclusively for them by some of the top designers in the world (including Gaggia). For example, their Y3 by Francis Francis presents a highly futuristic silhouette and a pressure pump that offers 19 bars. It is fast and easy to use and produces exceptionally fine coffee.

VI. Bialetti

The Bialetti Moka Express and Bialetti Brikka are real Italian classics, and they are a simple and affordable addition to any kitchen. This simple, stove-top marvel was invented by Alfonso Bialetti during the early 20th century.

This small, simple aluminum or stainless steel pot makes a powerful cup of coffee along the lines of espresso, but not quite as strong.

The streamlined, simple, three-part design is practically indestructible. With just a little bit of maintenance, a Bialetti coffee pot sporting the L’Omino (little mustachioed Italian gent) logo can be a once in a lifetime purchase. For making single cups of strong, authentic Italian coffee, this classic design is unparalleled.

Enjoy authentic Italian coffee at home

It’s easy to see that there are many good reasons why Italian coffee culture is revered around the world. Italians have been perfecting the art of coffee drinking for hundreds of years, so it’s no wonder that people everywhere enthusiastically shell out top dollar to enjoy café cups of genuine Italian cappuccino, macchiato and espresso.

When you invest in a high quality Italian coffee maker, you can expect years (or even decades) of excellent service and excellent flavor. Your authentic coffee machine may even attain heirloom value with proper care and maintenance.

Don’t waste your money on store-bought coffees or on a cheap coffee maker that will break down quickly and take up space in the landfill forever. Spend your coffee dollars wisely on an authentic Italian coffee machine.


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