The Best Matcha Tea Set Kit: Our Top Picks

After reading customer reviews and comparing several matcha tea sets, we’ve picked three favourites.

The 5-piece Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Duo-Set is the best choice for most people, both beginners and connoisseurs.

The 5-piece TeaTerrifics Matcha Tea Bowl Set is the best one for beginners.

And for matcha tea enthusiasts who want an original-looking set, the 3-piece Zekaano Matcha Set is the best.

What is a Matcha Tea Set?

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea with Japanese origins. While it’s traditionally used to make matcha tea, you’ll find it in many other foods and drinks such as matcha ice cream, matcha smoothie and even matcha bread.

There are various health benefits of consuming matcha tea. It is invigorating, it helps relax the mind and body, improves attention and performance and helps lower stress levels. Researchers have also linked it to improved health in people with heart conditions.

Health benefits aside, one of the most fascinating aspects about matcha tea is the elaborate ceremonies involved in its preparation and consumption in Japan.

Also called Way of Tea, the Japanese tea ceremony involves precise steps, items and performances.

The ceremony often includes sweet treats that are eaten before drinking the tea. The equipment used in making matcha tea is not just practical, it’s art. They are finely curved and always handmade. They are handled very delicately sometimes to the point of wearing gloves.

While we probably cannot replicate every aspect of Japanese tea ceremonies in our modern kitchens, we can at least look the part. This is where a matcha tea set comes in.

The tea set is a modern take on the traditional ceremony. It includes most of the components used by the Japanese and imitates their elegant handmade look.

Components of a Matcha Tea Set

  • Tea bowlchawan. This is the main component. You prepare the tea in it and drink from it. Tea bowls will often feature a variety of art and intricate patterns on the surface. They can be deep or shallow but are always wide to allow easy whisking and holding.
  • Tea scoopchashaku. This is a curved scoop usually made from bamboo. It is used to scoop measured amounts of matcha tea into the tea bowl.
  • Tea whiskchasen. This is one of the most important pieces of a matcha set. It’s a whisk made from bamboo. It’s used to stir or whisk the matcha tea in water. Traditionally, a new tea whisk is used in each ceremony. But you can rinse and re-use yours.
  • Whisk holderchasentate. This holds the whisk when it’s not in use. It helps dry out the whisk after use and extend its life. The curved shape of the holder allows the whisk bristles to maintain their shape for longer.

Not included in most matcha tea sets but just as important is a fine mesh sifter or strainer. You use it when adding the powdered matcha tea to the tea bowl. This ensures the tea doesn’t come out clumpy.

What to consider when choosing a Matcha Tea Set

Buying a matcha tea set is all about the quality and aesthetics of the various pieces. The best set depends a lot on your budget and preferences. You can spend over £500 on intricately designed sets or just a few quid on a more basic set.

Check the number and types of components included in the set. At the very basic there should be a tea bowl, a tea scoop and a tea whisk. Some sets also come with a holder for the tea whisk. If you plan to enjoy the tea with a friend or family member, find a set with two bowls.

Make sure the whisk and tea scoop are bamboo. Do not use a metal whisk or scoop.

The best Matcha Tea Set reviews

Here are our three favourite matcha tea sets. They all look lovely and include all the basic components of a traditional matcha set.

The best Matcha Tea Set for beginners: TeaTerrifics Matcha Tea Bowl Set (5 Piece)



  • Two tea bowls.
  • Includes a whisk holder.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Bamboo whisk wears quickly.
  • A bit expensive compared to most other matcha tea sets.


If you are new to the art of making matcha tea and you are not sure where to start, this is the best set for you. You can’t go wrong with it.

It has everything you need to prepare a delicious bowl of matcha tea. It includes two tea bowls (which comes in handy when you are enjoying the tea with a friend), a bamboo whisk, a bamboo scoop and a ceramic holder for the whisk.

The bowls are large and shallow which makes whisking and holding easy. The only downside is that your tea might cool a bit too fast especially during cold weather.


The bowls and the whisk holder are jet black while the whisk and scoop have the natural colour of bamboo wood.

They have an elegant minimalist styling so reminiscent of Japanese culture.

Flaws but not deal breakers

Several customers have complained that the whisk wears out too quickly even if you store it on the holder. This is a downside you have to deal with no matter which tea set you buy (unless you use a metal whisk which is not recommended).

The whisk tends to wear quickly and that’s why the Japanese frequently use new ones in every tea ceremony.

I’d recommend buying several whisks (you can find them online) and storing them for future use.

What other customers think

Customers love the tea set, with most saying it looks just as beautiful and elegant as they had expected. The different components are easy to use even for complete matcha tea beginners.

Should you buy it?

Whether you are just beginning to enjoy matcha tea or you are already a connoisseur, this is a great set. The price is good and the pieces are beautiful. Highly recommended.

The best Matcha Tea Set for most people: Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Duo-Set (5-piece)



  • Duo bowl set.
  • Beautiful long-lasting design.
  • Includes holder to lengthen whisk life.
  • Wide and shallow bowl design that makes whisking easy.


  • As with most matcha tea sets, the whisk will not last very long especially if you use it often.


This is a 5-piece set consisting of a two ceramic tea bowls, a long handcrafted matcha tea scoop, a bamboo whisk with 80 bristles and a whisk holder.

We picked it as the best tea set for most people because of the duo bowl set, beautiful design, whisk holder and low price tag.

If you are just starting out, this is a great tea set. It has everything you need and is so easy to use. I especially love the wide and shallow bowls that make it easy to whisk your matcha tea into a frothy goodness.

With the included Chasentate, your whisk will stay clean and last a little longer.


Everything in this tea set is handcrafted to perfection. The ceramic bowls are handmade with a glistening speckled finish. A combination of grey and black accents gives it a sleek modern look that blends into any setting.

The whisk is handmade from a single piece of white bamboo. It has 80 bristles to ensure a perfect whisk. Just make sure you use it properly to get the best results (whisk quickly in a zigzag motion than slow down just before you take it out of the bowl).

The elegant jet black whisk holder is curved to match the swooping design of the bristles on the whisk. So when you place your whisk on it, the bristles remain in their natural shape. This ensures your whisk lasts longer.

The elongated scoop is also handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo. It has a beautiful hockey stick design that makes it easier to scoop tea out of a bag or container.

Flaws but not deal breakers

While the holder will keep your whisk in good shape for longer, it will still wear out faster than you expect especially if you must have your daily bowl of relaxing matcha tea.

So I recommend buying extra replacements. You don’t want to find yourself using a metal whisk or even worse, a spoon. Your tea won’t be as good.

What other customers think

This set currently has a perfect 5 star rating on Amazon. Customers love how easy to is to use, the beautiful design (especially the speckled glaze on the bowls) and the fact that it comes with two bowls.

You can enjoy matcha tea alone or invite a friend over without having to improvise an extra tea bowl using a cup.

Should I buy it?

Definitely. We love it, customers love it and the price is great. Whether you are an amateur or you are looking for a replacement set, this is a great choice. It’s also perfect as a gift to a matcha-loving friend.

Best set for Matcha Tea enthusiasts: Zekaano Matcha set (3-piece)



  • Beautiful tea bowl with hand-painted design.
  • Wide and shallow bowl for easy whisking and holding.
  • 100-britsle whisk for frothier and tastier tea.
  • Includes a single serving of organic matcha tea powder.


  • Only one bowl.
  • No whisk holder (but you can buy one online).


If you are looking for an artistic set that is as beautiful as it is useful in making matcha tea, get this set.

It’s a ready-to-go set. It includes a single bowl with a hand-painted design on the outside, a 100-bristle whisk made from the same piece of bamboo and a bamboo scoop for measuring roughly 1g of matcha tea powder.

That’s not all. Inside you’ll also find a single serving of matcha tea, ready to use. It’s organic and the best quality.

Overall it’s one of the best looking matcha tea sets (especially the bowl). But you’ll have to buy a separate bowl if you want to enjoy your tea with a friend.


The most eye-catching component is the tea bowl. It’s quite large at 12.8cm in diameter and 7cm in depth. So it’s easy to whisk your tea and the bowl feels comfortable in your hands.

But the most striking feature is the beige and brown styling both on the inside and outside. It is hand painted, which gives it an intricate original Japanese look. For matcha tea connoisseurs who care for the aesthetics as well as the actual tea, this is definitely the best choice. It’s also a great gift idea.

The whisk has a 100 bristles and is made from a single piece of bamboo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a holder so I recommend you buy one separately. It will help lengthen the life of your whisk.

The scoop is also made from a single piece of bamboo. It’s designed to hold approximately 1g of matcha tea. So you can measure out the exact amount you need in the tea bowl.

Flaws but not deal breakers

An extra bowl would have been handy for those of us who prefer a mini tea ceremony with a friend. If you need an extra bowl, you have to either buy a different matcha tea bowl online or order two of this set.

A whisk holder – Chasentate – is also missing. If you want your delicate bamboo whisk to last longer, I highly recommend you buy one separately.

What other customers think

This set has an almost perfect rating on Amazon. Most customers praised the design and quality of the various components.

Should you buy it?

If you want an artistic Japanese-style bowl and don’t mind that it’s not a duo set, buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use a matcha tea set?

A: Traditionally used to make matcha tea, matcha is a powdered form of green tea. The Japanese have an entire ceremony known as Way of Tea when it comes to preparing this drink. But while we can’t replicate every aspect, you can at least look the part with your matcha tea set.

To use your matcha tea set, start by gathering your tea bowl, scoop, whisk, holder, fine mesh sifter, tongs and mactha tea. Using your tea scoop, measure out two tea spoons of matcha tea into the strainer. Add hot water through the strainer into a bowl. Whisk vigorously with the tea whisk until the tea is frothy. Enjoy your tea straight from the bowl. And just like the Japs, why not down your tea with a few sweets?

Q: How do I store my matcha tea set?

A: When it comes to storing your matcha tea set, the most important component is obviously the tea itself. For the other components such as the bowl, strainer, whisk and bamboo scoop, all you have to do is make sure they’re well cleaned before storing.

However, matcha tea is quite delicate. When storing it, never expose it to oxygen and light. Oxygen robs matcha tea of its life preserving vitamins and catechins. That’s why it’s best stored in an airtight container. Likewise, light tends to eat away the abundant chlorophyll found in green tea. So make sure you store the tea in a cool, dark and dry place.

Q: What are tongs used for in a matcha tea set?

A: Just as with any other food related scenario, hygiene is of the utmost importance. The Chinese and Japanese are infamous for upholding high levels of hygiene even when preparing something as simple as tea.

Also known as tea chopsticks, tea tongs ensure proper and hygienic handling of tea leaves and powder when preparing the beverage. They are cheap and indispensable tools that help pick up and clean any stray leaves in your tea preparation process. Similarly, the tongs can also be used to pick tea cups and bowls so you don’t touch the serving utensils inappropriately.

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