A Comprehensive Comparison Between The Jura E6 Vs Jura E8

Despite their high-end prices, Jura bean-to-cup coffee machines are one of the most innovative and popular in the field of automatic coffee makers. With many advanced features and functions, their products won’t disappoint any coffee lover by producing the finest results.

Based on my experience, any Jura coffee machine will always provide you with a fresh and tasty cup of coffee in the morning just with a simple touch of a button.

But as Jura offers so many models and versions, you might find that some units would have less or more features than the others, making it tricky and challenging to know exactly which machine is suitable for your needs.

So to help avoid picking the wrong options, I’m going to make a comprehensive comparison between the Jura E6 vs Jura E8 – two very popular bean to cup coffee models by this trusted brand.


The Jura E6 and the Jura E8 come with countless similarities in terms of designs, drink options, and some other features. Firstly, as both machines belong to the E Line designed by Jura, they are integrated with the PEP or Pulse Extraction Process technology.

This advanced feature helps to force heated water through the coffee grounds in shorter intervals, thus optimizing the extraction time. This allows your coffee grounds to expand fully and develop flavors.

When it comes to design, both units have a sleek and modern construction that can be simple to use and operate, even when you are a beginner. Also, they have a small water tank, making it an ideal option for use at home or small offices.

With Jura Smart Connect technology, you can control the E6 and E8 automatic coffee makers via a tablet or smartphone. Both use Bluetooth to make a connection between the machine to your compatible devices, thus making it simpler to operate wirelessly.


1. Programmed drinks

The Jura E6 bean to cup coffee machine offers 7 separately programmable specialties, including hot water, milk foam, cappuccino, coffee, espresso, Frappuccino, and latte macchiato. This makes it really simple for everyone, even beginners, to make a delicious cup of coffee just with a touch of the button.

In addition to these options, the Jura E8 model comes with 4 additional pre-set drinks, including hot milk, flat white, latte, Ristretto. What’s more, there are 8 pre-set levels of coffee strength and 6 levels of aroma to bring the best experience for the users.

2. Grinder settings

While both units are designed with the same grinder and different levels of coffee strength, the Jura E6 automatic machine doesn’t have an integrated bypass for the pre-ground process. This means that you will always need to use another built-in grinder.

The Jura E8, on the other hand, provides the users with an option to using its pre-ground coffee function rather than a built-in grinder.

3. Cappuccino system

The Jura E8 comes with a single-touch cappuccino system that allows the machine to dispense coffee and froth milk in a separated spout.

With the Jura E6, the milk coffee spout and milk spout is built on the same area as there is no separated cappuccino system. This can be an issue when you don’t like to add milk to your cup of coffee.

4. Capacity

In terms of capacity, the Jura E8 machine is slightly larger than the Jura E6 model. The capacity of the water reservoir is 64 ounces versus 63 ounces, while the capacity of the bean hopper is 10 ounces versus 9.9 ounces. So this doesn’t really make any difference.

Final verdicts

In summary, as both machines belong to the E line by Jura, they come with many similar features in terms of designs and functionality. The most distinctive one might be the inclusion of PEP technology that allows for the best quality of coffee grounds.

If budget is your top priority when choosing a coffee maker, then the Jura E6 can be a good option as it is much affordable than its counterpart. If not, a better decision may be to purchase the Jura E8 as it comes with more pre-set drinks, better performance, and more durable construction.

No matter which model you decide to purchase, there will be no right or wrong decision as you can always make a delicious cup of coffee with these machines. Just make sure to follow a proper process and prepare the best coffee beans for your espresso.

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