Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder Review

Krups Expert Pro Combi Grinder Review
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Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder offers the best of both worlds for coffee lovers. Not only does it come with all the features that you’d expect in a high end grinder, it also achieves quite a lot for the price range.

Pervading wisdom tells us that burr grinders are the best; and also the most expensive of course. With a 40mm professional grade burr milling system and a highly affordable price range to boot, the GVX242 Expert Pro Grinder from Krups offers caffeine junkies the best of both worlds.

Krups Expert Pro Combi Grinder review

What I like

  • Compact lightweight design
  • Safety and convenience features
  • Simple, user friendly
  • Respectable brand

What I don’t like

  • Plastic hopper
  • Awkwardly shaped canister

What are you buying?   

One aspect that I deeply admire about Krups is their never ending flavour for one upsmanship. These guys are constantly working to come out with much better versions of their already existing products. I mean, just look at the GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder. This model has been reingineered and updated recently to outperform previous models.

The GVX242 Expert Pro Grinder is a compact model with a sleek black and silver finish. Like the average high end models, this one also makes use of a profesisonal grade burr milling system that delivers reliable results overall. However, there are a few bells and whistles that set the GVX242 apart from other similar grinders in its class.

For instance, running her at full capacity should grind you up to 12 cups of beans. Since we’re already talking about the grind, let me tell you how I found the quality. Well, it’s a burr grinder; so the uniformity of the grind is fairly consistent. But if you ask me, it could be better.

Still this is more than made up for by the extensive and all inclusive grind fineness selection. Users can cycle through 17 different grind settings all the way from a french press and cafeteire to a potent espresso.

Other notable features include a small, airtight hopper that looks more at home in a family setting rather than a commercial one. While this means plenty of work for professional baristas, the airtight canister allows you top up and leave it fully packed with beans no problem.

How easy it to use?

It might just be my experience speaking, but I found the krups GVX242 expert pro grinder far easier to use that most of my previous models. From multiple safety features to aspects re-engineered for more convenience, the GVX242 is like your own mechanical barista.

One common example is the cups selector that automatically cuts off the grinder once it reaches the specified number. My first grinder had to be monitored and turned off manually once you estimated the proper amount; so I always appreciate this feature in a grinder.

Operating this unit is a breeze thanks to the basic and intuitive controls. You’ve got your on/off button and cups selector dial front and center as well as a finenesss selector dial tucked neatly away at the side. The removable components also make cleaning and maintenance much less of a hassle. The canister grinds collector and several other components come right off to facilitate easier cleaning.

One safety feature that I feel is heavily underated is the mandatory secure. This means your grinder won’t start unless the canister is properly secured. Of course, this prevents creating a massive, caffeinated mess with grounds flying everywhere.

What accessories are included?

Once you’ve made your purchase and received the delivery, you should find the following items in the box:

  • 1 Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder
  • Grounds brush

Key features of Krups Expert Pro Combi Grinder


  • Compact lightweight design with 200g hopper
  • Multiple safety and convenience features
  • Simple, user friendly operation


  • Plastic hopper tends to develop static charge which makes grounds stick to it
  • Awkwardly shaped canister that makes removing all grinds difficult

Anything else you should know?

Even with a thorough product research and development department, nailing the perfect design is never easy. Something somewhere always tends to stick out like a sore thumb. With the Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder, our sore thumb is the canister.

There’s nothing really wrong with it, but you’ll agree that it has quite an awkward tipping shape and angle. That’s clearly why Krups included a brush to help get those stubborn grounds out.


Like I said earlier on, the Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder offers the best of both worlds for coffee lovers. Not only does it come with all the features that you’d expect in a high end grinder, it also achieves quite a lot for the price range.

If you’re looking for the professional barista experience without having to hit triple figures, then the GVX242 could very well be your new best friend.

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