Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker Review

If there is one thing that you are bound to find in a caffeine lover’s kitchen, it is a top brand quality coffee maker that boasts of best rated features capable of delivering the perfect cup of coffee every time!

A few days ago I went hunting for a new coffee filter machine and after much contemplation and debate, my heart finally settled on the Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker. For a decent price, it offers a lot of benefits which made a good brew quite easy and quick. It also came with some added features like a digital LCD display screen and timer that never fail to get me in a good mood because of hassle-free kitchen time in early mornings.

Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker review

russell hobbs 19170 heritage coffee maker review

What I like

  •  Makes excellent coffee
  •  Easy to use and easy to clean
  •  Quick turnaround
  •  Very reliable

What I don’t like

  •  Cable could be longer
  •  Hard to read the water level

russell hobbs 19170 heritage coffee maker

What are you buying?

I had done some research on this model before the purchase, and I am quite happy to see that the experience has definitely matched my expectations.

It can brew about 1.8 litres of coffee, which amounts to about 12 cups for every batch. This is a great feature that I can enjoy, especially since I primarily work from home. The pot stays hot for about two hours, which means that I can keep enjoying my coffee fresh and warm. There is an auto shut-off feature that kicks in after two hours, and I do not have to distract myself from what I am doing to switch it off.

The Coffee Maker comes with an advanced programmable timer and control feature that allows me to design the strength and taste of coffee. There is a drip-stop valve which is quite handy when you want to serve a cup while the coffee is still brewing. The Coffee Maker comes with a removable filter basket, which is quite easy to clean after each brew.

  • Type: Filter coffee
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ground coffee: Yes
  • Coffee beans: No
  • Capsules: Does not use capsules
  • ESE pods: No
  • Size: 22.8cm x 35.5cm x 22.5cm
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Special features: Jug, programmable, timer
  • Water capacity: 1.8l

How easy is it to use?

Filter coffee makers are often preferred in every household because they are very convenient to use. Not only are there less steps to follow for you to brew a hot cup of coffee, but you can make your beverage quickly within a few minutes. Of course, more sophisticated coffee machines do have their benefits and I even own a good old Coffee Moka Pot that I usually use during lazy weekends. But when I am working, I find that my new Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker does the job quite well.

If you have such a machine in your office, you can easily brew up a batch that your colleagues will appreciate. You do not even need to remember to switch it off because it has an automated shut-off feature, and this is quite energy efficient.

A tip though – coffee grinds can easily taint filter baskets, so if you want yours to still look new after several uses, make sure to use a filter paper as well. You can easily fit the paper inside the basket, and this creates a smoother consistency since the coffee is passed through two filters instead of one.

The Russell Hobbs 19170 is quite easy to handle; there is a booklet that you will get with the product that explains in simple steps how you can control the brewing process and set up the timer. There are clear markings on the side which indicates how much water you are pouring into the machine. This prevents the coffee from getting too diluted.

Also, one of the things I understood while doing my research is that this model is extremely durable. Many previous customers have reported that they could use this machine for more than 3 years without any issues. This seemed like a perfectly sound investment to me.

What accessories are included?

I have enjoyed the advanced LCD display with timer that makes it quite easy to set up the coffee making process. You will get a glass carafe that can hold in heat for a longer time quite effectively. The design is super smart as well, making it ergonomic and portable. Since the machine is quite light, it is very easy to carry when I am going out on trips to my family vacation house.

Key features of Russell Hobbs 19170

This Coffee Maker has certainly made a lot of customers happy as the ratings on the Amazon page suggests. While using this machine I realised:

  • The Russell Hobbs 19170 is easy to use and easy to clean. My Moka Pot always needs a thorough rinse, and compared to that cleaning this Coffee Maker is time saving.
  • This device is easy to programme. I can wake up to a ready made coffee every morning without fail.
  • It takes literally about 6 minutes to brew a whole jug! This is quite convenient to use when you have a large family that is completely addicted to coffee.

Some cons:

Every machine has its own hiccups. My Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker is no different in this case.

  • The cable is only about 18 inches and I have had a bit of a challenge about where to place my coffee maker because of this reason.
  • Unless you have good lighting, it will be a bit hard to read the water level on the side. Make sure you place this coffee maker near a window or a light source.

Anything else you should know

Make sure you do not place this coffee maker under cupboards as the steam will affect the wood. Also, do not pour the coffee from the jug at an acute angle. The lid is hinged and may easily tip. You can place a hand on the lid to keep it shut while pouring as well. This will keep any mess away.


Very few customers have reported having a bad experience with this Coffee Maker. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have nothing to complain about. This Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker brews really good coffee that suits your personal taste. I am sure that you will find it a good addition to your list of kitchen appliances.

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Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker Review
  • Performance
  • Cleaning
  • Noise
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use


Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker offers a lot of benefits including digital LCD display screen and timer and makes a good brew quite easy and quick.

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