The Best Teapot For Keeping Tea Hot [Guide + Reviews]

A teapot is great for serving tea. It’s prettier than a tea kettle and it is usually easier to pour tea from it (thanks to the cool handle and no-drip spouts of most teapots). 

Furthermore, some teapots are designed with higher heat retention, which keeps your tea warm for some time. In this guide, we review the best teapots for keeping tea hot. 

Note: A teapot is different from a tea kettle. A tea kettle is designed for heating tea or water on a stove while a teapot is meant for steeping and serving tea (you shouldn’t use a teapot on the stove). 

What To Consider When Choosing a Teapot for Keeping Tea Hot

A. Heat Retention

The most important consideration when buying a teapot for keeping tea hot is heat retention. How well and for how long does the teapot keep tea hot or warm?

The best teapots for keeping tea hot are double walled. This provides better insulation and keeps tea hot for longer. 

Some of these double walled teapots also use vacuum to create even better insulation. 

Single walled tea pots can still keep tea warm, but not for as long as a double walled teapot. 

B. Build Quality 

Stainless steel teapots are the best. They not only look good, they are also resistant to rusting and are more durable. 

But don’t get just any stainless steel teapot. Specifically look for a teapot made with 18/10 stainless steel

This is the best type of stainless steel for kitchen utensils. It contains a high amount of Nickel compared to other types of stainless steel (18/10 and 18/0). 

18/10 stainless steel teapots have several advantages. 

  • They have better heat retention. 
  • They are highly resistant to corrosion.
  • They have a beautiful high polish finish that lasts a long time. 
  • They are more durable.  

On the downside, 18/10 stainless steel teapots cost a bit more than other types of stainless steel.

C. Capacity

Are you getting a teapot just for yourself, your family, or for guests? This will determine how much capacity you need. 

The smallest teapots have a 500ml capacity. They hold 2-3 cups of tea, making them perfect for personal use. 

The largest teapots have a 1.5L capacity, making them suitable for serving your family or guests tea. 

D. Strainer 

If you are planning to steep loose leaf tea in the teapot, look for one that comes with a strainer. It’ll save you the hassle of straining tea when you pour it into a cup. 

Make sure the strainer is fine enough for the type of loose leaf tea you often drink. 

If you typically use tea bags, you don’t need a strainer.  

E. Easy To Use

Finally, look for a teapot that’s easy to use. There are two factors to consider when it comes to ease of use. 

  • No drip spout to avoid making a mess when you serve tea. 
  • Cool handle to protect your hand when holding the kettle. 

If you are getting the teapot for someone elderly, also consider getting one with a hinged lid that can’t get misplaced. 

Best Teapot for Keeping Tea Hot: Top 5 Reviews UK

1. Sabichi Double Wall Stainless Steel Teapot, 1200ml

If you want great heat retention, we recommend the Sabichi double wall stainless steel teapot. 

It’s also one of the most stylish teapots we’ve come across, making it a good choice if you want a heat-retaining teapot that’s also a statement piece. 

Every part of the pot from the handle, to the spout and even the small knob on the lid is designed with beautiful detailing. The polished mirror finish also looks great. 

For maximum heat retention, the Sabichi teapot has a double wall construction that slows down heat loss. 

The teapot is made with stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion. It is also dishwasher safe. 

The 1200ml capacity of the Sabichi teapot makes it ideal for families, guests or personal use. It holds about 5 cups or 3-4 large mugs of tea.  

There are a couple of issues to note about the Sabichi teapot. 

One, it doesn’t come with a strainer like most teapots. Either get your own tea strainer or use tea bags. 

Two, the knob on the lid gets hot so be careful when lifting the lid. But the handle stays cool so it’s still easy to pour out a cuppa. 

What I like about it:

  • Beautiful modern style. 
  • Large capacity. 
  • Double wall heat retention.

2. Café Olé PT-048 Premium Tea Pot, 1.36L 

The Café Olé PT-048 premium teapot is another good choice if you want a large capacity teapot that can serve a large family or several guests. 

The Café Olé teapot has a capacity of 1.36L. That gives you 5-6 cups of tea.  

Café Olé offers other teapot sizes, ranging from a 1-person 370ml teapot to a family-size 2-litre teapot. 

The Café Olé teapot is not double walled, but it still offers decent heat retention thanks to the solid 18/10 stainless steel body. 

This stainless steel also provides a high sheen polished finish that looks great and ensures the teapot serves you for years without damage or corrosion. 

One thing we like about the Café Olé teapot is how easy it is to use. The thick handle is easy to hold and has a hollow design that keeps it from getting hot. 

The knob on the lid is also hollow, so you can open and close the hinged  lid without burning your fingers. 

We also love the long no-drip spout that makes it easy to pour tea. 

The Café Olé teapot comes with a removable internal strainer, so you can brew loose leaf tea or tea bags. 

What I like about it:

  • Large capacity. 
  • Good heat retention. 
  • Easy to use thanks to the cool handle and knob. 

3. Stellar Traditional Premium Stainless Steel Teapot, 900ml

Looking for something with a more traditional style? Check out the Stella premium stainless steel teapot. 

It features the rounded design and short spout of classic teapots. But it still has a bit of a modern look thanks to the polished stainless steel finish. 

The Stellar teapot is made with 18/10 stainless steel, which provides better heat retention, rust protection, and durability compared to other grades of stainless steel. 

The 900ml capacity is plenty enough for individuals and small households. 

The spout on the Stella teapot pours tea smoothly without dripping. You also won’t have a problem holding the hollow handle or the knob on the lid. They are both designed to stay cool. 

The only issue with the Stellar stainless steel teapot is the lack of a strainer. If you like brewing loose leaf tea, look for another teapot with a strainer or buy a strainer separately. 

What I like about it:

  • High quality stainless steel construction. 
  • Stay-cool handle and knob. 
  • Good heat retention.

4. Café Ole RT-050X Rondeo Stainless Steel Teapot

The Café Ole RT-050X Rondeo is the largest capacity teapot among our picks. It is a great choice for families as well as dinner parties and other home events. 

The Rondeo teapot is made with 18/10 stainless steel that offers good heat retention. For even longer heat retention especially in colder weather, consider using a tea cosy. 

The Café Ole RT-050X Rondeo stainless steel teapot has all the features you need to brew tea easily and quickly. 

There’s a fine strainer that can hold loose leaf tea. The strainer is removable if you want to use tea bags. 

The only issue with the strainer is that it doesn’t reach the bottom of the pot. So you have to fill the teapot to use it. This is a waste if you only want to make a cup or two of tea. 

The handle and the small knob on the lid are both hollow. They stay cool, making it easy to prepare and serve hot tea. 

Finally, the Café Ole Rodeo teapot uses a no-drip spout. 

The Café Ole RT-050X Rondeo is dishwasher safe. But, as with most teapots, the best way to take care of it is hand washing. 

What I like about it:

  • Extra-large capacity. 
  • Removable tea strainer. 
  • Handle and lid knob stay cool. 

5. VeoHome Stainless Steel Tea Pot with Infuser, 500ml

The VeoHome stainless steel teapot is our top recommendation if you are looking for a small teapot with excellent heat retention. 

The 500ml teapot holds enough tea for about 2-3 cups, making it ideal for personal use or serving tea to a couple of guests. 

Included with the VeoHome teapot is a removable ultra fine strainer that makes it easy to brew loose leaf tea.  

Once you pour out a cup, close the hinged lid to keep the tea warm. The VeoHome teapot uses double walls plus vacuum technology to provide maximum heat retention. 

It keeps tea warm longer than most teapots. 

The VeoHome teapot is made with 100% stainless steel, though the seller doesn’t specify what kind of stainless steel it is. But it has the high polish you typically see in 18/10 stainless steel cookware. 

What I like about it:

  • High quality stainless steel construction – durable and rustproof. 
  • Includes fine strainer. 
  • Double wall construction with vacuum for maximum heat retention. 

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