Which Is The Best Coffee Machine For Caravan?

Like Indiana Jones used to say, a great adventure can always be made better if you’re over caffeinated. Of course, his coffee consisted of river water and pine leaves; but good old Jones always appreciated his high octane, outdoor brewed rocket fuel. Lucky for today’s coffee lover on the go, there’s a cafe on every corner now.

But if you’re planning to go camping or caravanning, then you’ll find that getting a quality cup of bean juice is not always easy. Plus, it’s a well known fact that most cafes in the UK will cost you a pretty penny in the long run. Besides, what kind of half-assed caravan or camping trip are you planning if it involves hitting a coffee shop every morning?

No my friend, what you need is a way to save money on the go while making sure that you’re never too far from a delicious, piping hot cup of lightning. That’s right; it’s time to make the best coffee machine for caravan part and parcel of your travel gear.

Key features and considerations when buying a coffee machine for your caravan

Whether you’re traveling in a caravan, trailer, or any type of recreational vehicle, it’s important to find a coffee maker that satiates all your particular requirements. However, there are some universal features and considerations that will help make your decision a whole lot easier. I’m sure you can guess the first one:

i) Size

It goes without saying; a smart caravan is one that travels light. No matter how huge your RV is, still isn’t a house. Space will always be at a premium, so fight the urge to get a monster brewer. Even some of the smallest machines can brew an exceptional caffeine infusion.

ii) Budget

Apart from size, the budget should probably be among your topmost list of considerations. There’s a wide array of coffee machines – ranging from budget friendly units all the way to costly, high end models. Spend as much or as little as you’re willing to.

iii) Power

It’s essential to figure out what type of power source the machine requires. Do you prefer an electric model, a stove top, or maybe a battery operated model? Consider what your caravan is capable of as well as what travel style you want to follow.

iv) User friendly and Easy to clean

You’re already out of your comfort zone; the last thing you want is to complicate your life even further. So make sure you get a machine that is super user friendly and quick to brew. Likewise, it should be easy and straightforward to clean out, even at the campground.

Best coffee machine for caravan reviews

1. Handpresso 16 Bar ESE Hybrid

You’re on the go, we get it. So we’ve cut down the chatter and saved the very best for first. It’s simple really – do you love your coffee like the queen loves her tea? And do you swear never to compromise on coffee quality just because you’re out on the road? If so, then I’m sure you won’t mind spending a bit extra for the best portable premium coffee machine for caravan in the UK.

This 16 bar hybrid of a beast from Handpresso serves up primo espresso using either freshly ground beans or convenient ESE pods. And with no fuel, no battery and no electricity required, she’s as eco-friendly and independent as it gets. Just add some hot water, coffee type, press the infusion button and voila. The Handpresso hybrid uses pump action to generate enough power to brew quality coffee that would put some high end home models to shame.

What I like about it:

  • Best portable espresso machine for caravans in the UK
  • No electricity required (eco-friendly)
  • Hybrid works with ground coffee and ESE pods

2. Connection Caravan Lighter Coffee Pod Machine

We move from one spectrum of the scale all the way to another – at least price wise. If you’re working on a slim budget and still want a taste of home with you on the long, hard journey, then you’ll agree with me when I say that hot, quick coffee is better than no coffee at all. It’s cheap, compact, beautifully designed and specifically built for RVs and caravans, it’s no wonder that more and more people are warming up to the Connection Caravan Lighter Coffee Pod Machine.

Looking at it, you wouldn’t believe it’s the cheapest model on our list. But as always, good looks alone don’t get the job done. The manufacturer made the unit practical for coffee lovers on the go by adding a 90 cm cable with a cigarette lighter connection for true convenience. What’s more, the machine is suitable for all current Kaffepads. The electrical pad comes with a plastic beaker and lid to keep any spillage and messes to a minimum.

What I like about it:

  • Incredibly budget friendly price range
  • Quickly connects to vehicle cigarette lighter
  • Includes coffee mug with lid

3. Roadster Cigarette Plug Coffee Kettle

Still keeping with the same spirit of budget friendly coffee machines, here’s another model that’s quickly becoming a camper’s most essential tool. But what really makes it ideal for caravanning is… well, the darn thing was literally built for the job. Even the name says it all. The Roadster travel Coffee Kettle for campers is a 12 volt caffeinator that’s perfect for trucks, lorries, boats, trailers, campers and caravans.

Basically any vehicle with a cigarette lighter plug will work fine as a power source on the go. The 170 watt auto coffee maker has some of the other machines in its league beat on one major feature – the capacity. At a massive 0.65 litre water capacity, this bad boy will brew about 6 cups of coffee at a time – more than enough for several of your mates to enjoy. Additional features that also deserve mention include an auto warming plate that keeps the coffee hot and an anti-drip valve with water level indicator for easy monitoring.

What I like about it:

  • Specially built for campers, caravans and RVs
  • Larger 0.65 l water capacity (4-6 cups)
  • Auto warming plate keeps coffee at optimum temperature


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